College Hill’s Dorion Standberry nude pictures posted online

College Hill Atlanta star Dorion Standberry’s phone stolen, revealing both pictures of him nude and with an erect penis and phone numbers of his celebrity contacts. One of the two fully naked pictures was posted to twitpic with the caption “I love ya!!!!”

In a series of Twitter posts, BET reality star Dorion wrote, “Its nothing worse than feeling exposed and unsafe…GOD WHY!!” and “I dont think ive ever been this hurt in my life!!”

What exactly happened isn’t clear. Tabloid Prodigy ran the nude photos and screenshots of the celebrity phone numbers, including Tyson Beckford and Nicole Richie, and the blog claimed that he “had his Twitter account hacked by a scorned gay lover,” noting that he “has long battled gay rumors.” As QueerClick notes, the Twitter hacking part doesn’t make much sense, especially since Dorion’s MySpace profile says “someoen stole my phone so if i had your info please send it to me again!!!”

Appearing on Philadelphia’s 100.3 The Beat, Dorion mentioned having his Blackberry stolen, but also said, “Honestly, I really don’t know who had my e.mail my password.” He said he’s not gay but said the person who exposed him “tried to do so damage and, you know, made up some stuff that wasn’t necessarily true.”

On the radio, Dorion didn’t deny taking the pictures, saying, “I did that alone” and “I take nude pictures, I do it,” and said they were for “one or two people.” While Dorian also said, “I’m a model, you know, this shit might get me–I might be in Playgirl next month,” he also said it could hurt his career, because “I got a meeting with a major network for kids next week, so this is not a good look for me.”

But he did seem to have a sense of humor about it, saying/joking, “I was on College Hill, I wasn’t on The Hills, so why do people even care?”

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