Carly Smithson joins Evanescence; Kris Allen hates “cheesy lyrics”; gokeyisadouche

There were lots of not critically important but still interesting stories regarding contestants on the last two seasons of American Idol that happened this week:

  • Carly Smithson is joining Evanescence as its new lead singer, although the band will now be called The Fallen. [USA TODAY and Los Angeles Times]
  • Danny Gokey Twittered that a record deal may be on its way, since he’s the only top four finalist without one. He wrote: “A lot of u are asking about a record deal. I ask you to please b patient, there R things in the works as we speak! I’ll keep u informed” [Twitter]
  • Speaking of Gokey, #gokeyisadouche trended to number one on Twitter after Danny said in a chat that he “accept[s] gay people, but people have to accept my beliefs,” and after someone hacked Danny’s cousin’s Facebook account and found photos of Danny asking Adam to sign a picture of Adam in green makeup and drag, sort of, which Danny’s cousin’s friends didn’t react well to. [MTV News]
  • There’s been some drama regarding Danny Gokey and a web site that’s selling eyeglasses and claiming the proceeds go to Danny’s charity even though he said in a now-deleted Twitter post that it was a scam. I’m confused, too, but so is MJ and she’s actually been paying attention to this. In addition, a site with Danny’s name in it,, has nothing to do with him at all. [MJ’s Big Blog and MTV News]
  • In sad news, famous non-semi-finalist Josiah Leming‘s mother died of cancer. [MTV News]
  • Kris Allen said during a chat that he “will not compromise lyrics … I have to get emotionally involved and cheesy lyrics I will not get emotionally involved with, so that’s one thing I will not compromise on.” Now I want to know if he sang that awful “This is My Now” because he was forced to or if he was emotionally involved with its crap lyrics. [Comcast]

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