Kris, Adam, Allison all sign record deals, but not Danny; Archuleta working on Christmas record

Three of the top four American Idol 8 finalists have signed with 19 Recordings and have record contracts with major labels that will release their first albums this fall. The exception is early front-runner Danny Gokey, who has signed nothing.

Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta’s albums will be out this fall on Jive Records, and Kris says says his will be “definitely in the pop/rock genre.” Adam Lambert’s first album will be released on RCA Records, and is “going to be ridiculous,” he says in his press release. The fall release dates mean they’ll be working while on tour this summer.

That release, by the way, is far more glowing than Kris’; Simon Fuller calls Adam a “unique and unforgettable and a certain star of tomorrow” while RCA’s Barry Weiss says “he is one of those rare, future global stars.” In Kris’ press release, Weiss calls him “a super-talented singer and all-around gifted musician” and Simon Fuller says he has a “soulful voice, good looks and gracious demeanor.”

In far more entertaining Idol record news, David Archuleta and his creepy dad are working on a Christmas album. US News reports that “Jeff, who did not appear any bit of the ogre he was said to be behind the Idol curtain, is a coproducer” and “said the album will include traditional songs like ‘Silent Night’ and up to three written just for David.” I think there’s a joke somewhere in that but I’m too far removed from Christmas to connect it to David Archuleta.

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