Gene Simmons says Adam Lambert “should shut up” while Kris is “flattered” by Adam’s crush

As if Gene Simmons didn’t embarrass himself enough on The Celebrity Apprentice, he’s now making assanine comments about American Idol 8 runner-up Adam Lambert, with whom he performed during the show’s finale. Gene told Fox Philadelphia that Adam “has a lot of talent” but when asked about performing with Adam, said, “How was it for him to perform with us, you mean? That’s right, I see. Well, you just have to realize who the governor is and who the little puppy is.” More egregiously, Gene said Adam “should shut up about his sexual preferences. We, America, the rest of the world, really don’t care. I mean, if the story becomes ‘I prefer farm animals to,’ you know, who cares?” Oh, Gene, you need to shut the fuck up–and take a cue from Kris Allen, who took the news that Adam had a crush on him gracefully, telling People, “I’m flattered and think it’s hilarious.”

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