Adam Lambert still not gay enough for People

Adam Lambert has been photographed holding hands with his boyfriend Drake LaBry, but that’s not enough evidence for some members of the media, who will undoubtedly be shocked when he comes out in Rolling Stone soon. People magazine did two stories in which they refer to Drake–who was frequently in the live audience during American Idol–as Adam’s “pal” and “friend” because straight men in America hold hands with their friends. (Maybe they should, like men do in India, but they don’t.) First, People pathetically reports that Adam “has been stepping out with a friend” and says “LaBry and Lambert have been pals for years,” and then gives five vaguely interesting facts about Drake–yet still refuses to acknowledge once that the only reason any of this is interesting is because Drake’s clearly in a relationship with Adam. In the other, Kris Allen talks about Adam’s boyfriend and the magazine writes, “Allen calls Lambert and LaBry’s friendship a ‘cool combination,’ because they’re so different.”

Kris Allen Calls Adam Lambert & Drake LaBry a ‘Cool Combination’ and 5 Things to Know About Adam Lambert’s Pal Drake LaBry [People]

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