D.C. will likely host next Real World, as Bunim-Murray is now hiring PAs

The 23rd (holy crap) season of The Real World will likely be set in Washington, D.C., joining Bravo’s upcoming, recently announced Real Housewives of DC and The CW’s Blonde Charity Mafia, which debuts July 7.

D.C. has been long-rumored as a location for the show, perhaps because the series is running out of major American cities for their casts to throw up in.

There was some speculation that D.C. would host the show after a job announcement was posted in early April; it said Bunim-Murray, the production company that produces the show, was searching for an assistant production accountant in D.C. that was “expected to begin April 22nd for approximately 20 weeks.” A single job, though, didn’t seem like hard evidence, even though the 20 week time frame was right.

But now, Bunim-Murray is searching for multiple production assistants who “have a valid drivers license and insurance” and “live in and know DC and surrounding areas.” The job ad says they “need production assistants with office experience and production assistants to work with our crews in the field” who “must be willing to get releases signed by people appearing on camera and locations. They wear many hats and must be ready to think quickly on their feet.”

Unless the company is producing a brand-new docudrama in D.C., it looks like the nation’s capital may finally get its long-awaited chance to welcome the cast with open bars and STD clinics.