Dad and son face off for final spot in Biggest Loser 7 finale

Just as it did Sunday night, NBC is devoting its entire three-hour prime-time schedule for a reality show finale, as The Biggest Loser 7 will conclude live. That makes sense because the reality series, which has aired two-hour episodes this season, is the network’s most-popular reality series and some weeks, the most-popular show period.

After the contestants ran 26.2 miles last week–an ironic challenge considering how much flak a contestant this season got for pretending to run a marathon (although he later actually did), the show had to narrow its final four to a final three to see who would compete for the $250,000 prize.

Instead of allowing tearful voting in front of Allison “I pause for 45 seconds in-between every word” Sweeney, the show let viewers decide. The options are Mike and Ron Morelli, who happen to be father and son, so that father versus son thing will probably be milked for about 45 minutes. Helen Phillips and Tara Costa are already safely in the top three.

The best part about the finale is always the incredibly bad product placement acting–I mean, the transformations that the contestants undergo. Mike and Tara already look like a completely different people, as he’s lost 174 pounds and she’s lost 135, and all through just diet, exercise, and Jennie-O Turkey.