Kate calls Jon “irresponsible” as woman’s brother says Jon has been having an affair

The brother of the woman who was photographed with Jon Gosselin at a bar says she’s been having an affair with Jon for three months, but the woman says her brother is lying. And Kate has finally weighed in, calling her long-suffering husband “irresponsible.”

Deanna Hummel’s brother Jason told Us Weekly that, “She’s a nice girl, not a homewrecker. He is a bad liar. This isn’t healthy for her. But she is refusing to help herself, so here I am trying to help her myself. I hope this clears the air.”

Jason said Jon and Deanna had sex at his house, “pretty much stay locked away like two teenagers. It was weird. He’s a grown man. … A lot of the time, it was pretty, um, gross listening to her, you know, um — how do I say this? The walls are thin. Let’s just say that. I mean, no one wants to hear his sister having sex, let alone with a married dude who’s, like, almost twice her age and who has eight kids and a maybe-crazy wife.”

The magazine reports that Jon and Deanna met “met in mid-January at Chill Lounge in Reading, Pennsylvania (they sent each other $3 shots),” Jon “began relentlessly pursuing [Deanna]. By mid-February, he was coming over to their Reading house.”

But Deanna, who previously said she’s “just friends” with Jon said her brother is lying. “My brother is making this all up. He has no credibility … I can’t even stomach the lies he’s saying about me,” she told People. She admits they live together but said she’s kicking him out, so “He wanted to get back at me … he knows he’s getting kicked out of the house.” She also said, “My brother is very shady. He has no job. He has a criminal background. He was charged for drug distribution. He’s on probation right now.”

Rounding out the drama, Jon and Kate both talked to Entertainment Weekly. “I am not guilty of cheating on my wife,” Jon said, while Kate said, “Jon’s poor judgment and irresponsible behavior has also without a doubt caused some added tension and stress between the two of us.”

The most shocking part of all of this, though, is what Kate revealed to the magazine: “We are not concerned about the ratings right now. Our main focus is on our family and working through this.” That may be the most scandalous thing she’s ever said.

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