Clay Aiken hates Adam Lambert; Carrie Underwood is richest Idol; No Boundaries studio version is slightly better

  • How big was Kris Allen’s victory? We still don’t really know. Access Hollywood claims that “a top FOX source told Access Hollywood that the vote left Kris as the clear winner by a large margin.” How very specific and detailed and clear.

    Yesterday, a story from the Little Rock, Arkansas, Fox affiliate got a lot of play when they reported that more than a third of the votes cast came from Arkansas alone, but they quickly retracted that statement. According to Reality TV World, KLRT initially reported that “AT&T says about 38 million American Idol votes came from Arkansas last night,” but retracted that yesterday, saying that “AT&T is denying that 38 million votes came in from Arkansas.”

  • AOL’s Popeater has the studio version of Kris Allen’s “No Boundaries,” in case you wanted to listen to that drivel again. A press release said the “studio recording is better than the live version,” which isn’t hard to believe, considering how much it sucked live. But it really is better, and there’s even part of it that’s vaguely catchy.
  • Kris now joins a group of seven other winners. Among them, Carrie Underwood makes the most money, earning $14 million last year. In second place was Jennifer Hudson, with “an estimated $5 million.” Last season’s winner, David Cook, “earned an estimated $2 million since June of 2008,” while David “Archuleta made an estimated $1.3 million from sales of his first album and more than 100 live concerts,” according to Forbes.
  • Speaking of past winners, The Associated Press looks at how each of them are doing now, from the impressive (Underwood) to the not-so-impressive (Taylor Hicks).
  • Clay Aiken is glad Kris Allen won–not because he watched the show, but because he hates Adam Lambert. Gawker reproduced Clay’s members-only blog post in which the season two runner-up calls Adam’s performance of “Ring of Fire” “Contrived, awful, and slightly frightening!”, and says he “wasn’t really a fan and found myself surprised whenever folks told me that they liked him,” although Clay admits, “I never saw another performance.” He also “never saw Kris sing on the show” but writes, “I couldn’t be happier about the way AI ended this year.”

    Clay, shut up.

  • Everyone is still speculating about why Adam Lambert lost, but besides being not as surprising as it seemed, it’s really just all bullshitting. (TV Tattle rounds up a bunch of those morning-after theories.) But all theories are at least somewhat plausible because no one has any actual evidence, and never really will. So media, shut up.