Adam may come out in Rolling Stone; Kris Allen fan voted 10,000+ times with AT&T’s help; Adam slams Clay Aiken

In the latest American Idol 8 AT&T sponsored power texting non-scandal scandal news, The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette detailed the “texting zones” that AT&T set up at two Kris Allen viewing parties. The newspaper once again buries the lead, which is that “Bobbie Kierna of Greenbrier voted 10,840 times on one of the phones provided by AT&T at a roped-off area with signs advertising it as a ‘Texting Zone.'”

Considering Ruben Studdard beat Clay Aiken by about 130,000 votes, 10 people like Bobbie could have affected the competition. Of course, we have no idea at all about what Kris’ margin of victory was. But we do know that “AT&T set up a 15-foot-tall logo balloon in the hotel’s lobby and used AT&T tablecloths,” and “the company gave away phones as part of the promotional event,” while at the other event, “a handful of people wearing polo shirts with the AT&T logo set up a couple of tables, signs and a charging station for cell phones.”

Meanwhile, although Adam said to “keep speculating” about his sexual orientation, he may end that speculation for those people who still don’t really know if he’s gay or not. Ryan Seacrest Twittered that “adam will address the sexuality speculation soon,” and yesterday Adam said during a Z100 radio interview, “If you stay tuned, we’ll have all the answers you’re looking for. Very very very soon, everybody is going to find out what they need to find out.”

In reporting that, MJ’s Big Blog notes “There’s a rumor going around that Adam’s got a cover story in the next issue of [Rolling Stone] magazine,” and Adam himself essentially confirmed that during yet another interview.

Both Adam and Kris will appear on Best Week Ever tonight, which is unfortunate considering how much that show sucks now that it changed its format to try to be exactly like The Soup. Anyway, in a funny and/or awkward interview, Adam was asked if he’ll be on the cover of the magazine, and his reply was “Maybe.” And the transcript says, “(A lot of side-glances to his publicist.)”

That maybe means, you know, “yes.” So Adam will be coming out on the cover, or at least in the article. Then again, as Kara DioGuardi said during a pre-taped episode of The View that airs today, “coming out” isn’t the best term, because Adam isn’t pretending he’s straight. “I don’t think that Adam [Lambert] was ever in [the closet]. I think he was always openly out.”

Speaking of closeted people, Clay Aiken’s pathetic critique of Adam’s singing, which he gave after hearing just one Adam performance, has been well-received by Adam, who totally smacked Clay back down to where Clay belongs. “I don’t know Clay. I’m glad he’s getting headlines now though, because he wasn’t before,” Adam told Access Hollywood. And then he said: “If he wants to ride my coattails about it, good for him.”

I don’t doubt for one second that Clay’s jealousy is all about wanting to ride Adam’s tail.

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