David Cook, David Archuleta threatened with arrest, quarantine in Philippines over swine flu

American Idol 7‘s winner and runner-up were threatened with arrest and quarantine in the Philippines after skipping a swine flu check in the airport.

They are there for a concert, and the AP reports that the two “rushed through the airport Wednesday without completing health checks that are mandatory for everyone entering the country,” so Philippine “[o]fficials caught up with them in their hotel rooms Thursday and reminded them that they can be arrested if they do not cooperate.”

Quarantine bureau director Edgardo Sabitsana told the AP, “We had to mention the authority of the quarantine bureau … that we can do something if they refuse,” but he said the Davids were “very receptive, they were very cooperative.”

David and David have been instructed to “report their temperatures at least twice a day before their open-air concert Saturday” and “[keep] a distance of six feet from other people,” the AP says, because the country wants to make sure it stays free of swine flu.

Swine flu hasn’t been kind to reality show cast members; late last month, Heidi and Spencer were forced into isolation in Mexico to protect themselves.

Philippines asks ‘Idols’ to check for flu [AP]