Swine flu leaves newlyweds Heidi and Spencer “in isolation,” “full hiding” in Mexico

After faking their first wedding, Heidi and Spencer got married for real on Saturday, which will of course be chronicled in melodramatic fashion on an upcoming episode of The Hills, especially since Lauren showed up. But who cares, because now they’re in Mexico, hiding from swine flu. Yes, this new epidemic/pandemic may just have one positive side effect after all: forcing Heidi and Spencer into hiding.

Alas, they still have telephones, so they called in to Ryan Seacrest this morning, and Spencer said, “we’re definitely wearing the face masks everywhere we go. We’re not playing. I’m not trying to get pig flu. We’re in isolation, we’re in full hiding.” Spencer is taking the epidemic seriously, starting the call by saying, “pig flu!”

They’re not there on their honeymoon, but on “a music video shoot we’re doing,” Heidi said, saying “the honeymoon’s coming in a few weeks.” She added that “every second we’re washing our hands.” But the best part of the call might be where Spencer tries to play coy about who attended–i.e. Lauren Conrad–and pretend like he doesn’t know, but Seacrest and his co-host tell them that the pictures are everywhere.

The couple–and hopefully their face masks–will travel late next month to Costa Rica as cast members on NBC’s I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here.

Heidi & Spencer ‘In Isolation’ In Mexico Amid Swine Flu Outbreak [Ryan Seacrest]