Melissa Rivers in post-firing interview: “I’m walking away with my pride”

During her spectacular post-firing blow up, Melissa Rivers stormed out and yelled at a producer, “David, you’re not getting an interview. Lying motherfuckers.”

But guess what Melissa did after being fired? She gave an interview! And guess how much better it makes her look? Not much!

“I wanted to take part in Celebrity Apprentice for two reasons. One was to try to do good and raise some my money for my charity, and also because I thought it would give me the opportunity for people to see me for who I am and not what they perceive me to be,” she says during the interview, which is below. “People perceive me to be simply an appendage of my mother. They perceive me to be spoiled, difficult, unpleasant, and not a hard worker, which is the exact opposite of who I am, and I think–I hope–people have seen that.”

Hope more, girlfriend, because your exit confirmed all those things, never mind your actual time on the show.

She later explained why she was angry. “I was appalled by the reasoning. I think my faith in this game was shaken to its core, and I just wanted to walk away. I couldn’t look at Annie and Brande; I didn’t want their fake platitudes,” Melissa said. “I had to get out of there. And I could not be in that situation. I wanted to go home and take a shower and think about the fact that such poor behavior and such poor role models were rewarded.”

Yes, I generally want my role models to be people who yell “whore pit vipers” at bad role models and then yell “lying motherfuckers” at producers or maybe the pit vipers even though the pit vipers are in another room, and then asking politely for the elevator by saying, “Get the fucking elevator. I’m fucking done.”

During the interview, Melissa also says, and try hard not to laugh, “I’m walking away with my head held high” because she “worked harder than anyone on my team” by doing the tasks that they “were too much of divas to do,” she says. “I did it with honesty and integrity. … I’m walking away with my pride, and I hope people see that.”

Nope, sorry, don’t.

Week 9 – Melissa Looks Back [Hulu]