Molly and Jason still together; Molly gets free airline tickets to visit him

Gossip reports that Molly Malaney and Jason Mesnick have broken up–which, let’s be honest, is statistically inevitable–are false, according to Molly. And to make sure they don’t break up, an airline has given Molly free tickets to fly to Seattle.

AirTran announced Monday that it was “providing airline tickets to Milwaukee resident and recent television celebrity, Molly Malaney,” which “will be used for Malaney to visit her boyfriend, Jason Mesnick.” It’s not clear if this is an endorsement or something Molly knew was coming, but the airline says it “delivered the tickets to Malaney along with roses.” No word if she’ll have to pay to reserve seats.

Jason spent Easter weekend with Molly and her family in Michigan, although before that, In Touch Weekly reported–citing an anonymous source, of course–that they were going to break up over that weekend.

Instead, after the trip, Molly wrote on her blog, “I seem to love him more every single time I am with him. Things are really starting to calm down for us, from a public perspective, which is something we have been waiting for. … Things are really going well for us, and I can’t wait to see him next!”

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