Phil Keoghan currently biking across America

The Amazing Race 14 may not have aired an episode Sunday night, but you can still watch new footage of host Phil Keoghan, who’s riding his bike across America. And you can even ride with him.

He’s posting daily video blogs on his route, which has him stopping at 16 GNC stores, because they’re sponsoring his ride. It ends May 9 in New York City, having started on March 28 in Los Angeles. He’s currently in Colorado.

In Cedar City, Utah, last week, Phil said he’s “doing this as part of my own personal goal … my philosophy, which is no opportunity wasted. Its nice to see the places that you usually fly over. This is a great country and these are great communities,” he told the Southern Utah University News while in Cedar City last week.

He also said, “In this economic time, I thought it was great opportunity to get back to the basics. At one time 50 percent of all travel in America was done in two miles or less. Lots of people use cars because it’s a want, but it’s not a need. It’s now somewhere like 40 percent and when you think about it, 40 percent is huge, that’s less money needed to spend on gas.”

But Phil is also raising money and attention for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, after they and other charities pitched him. “I have had several offers from charities. The MS society is well organized and they have an incredible passion to find a cure for this disease. Everyone knows someone affected by MS; a cousin, brother, sister, someone,” he told the paper.

Phil Rides Across America
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