Will Ferrell will promote a movie on Man vs. Wild by drinking his own urine

If Man vs. Wild had any credibility left after the revelations that the show misrepresented the veracity of Bear Grylls’ actions and the situations he was in, it may disappear fully after the show will use an entire episode to promote a movie. Will Ferrell will appear on “a special episode” in early June to promote the June 5 release of his film Land of the Lost, and drink his own urine and eat reindeer eyeballs.

Because of that, that shameless whoring could end up being rather entertaining. On the episode, “Grylls takes Ferrell through the paces of real life survival in the ice-bound mountain and glacier ranges in the far north of Sweden,” according to the network. Among other things, they’ll “tandem-abseil off a helicopter, rappel down hundred foot frozen waterfalls and build a shelter to stay warm overnight in sub-zero temperatures” and “drink their own urine and even bite into reindeer eyeballs.”

Discovery brags that this is “the most fully integrated [episode] to date in an ongoing strategic partnership between Discovery Channel and Universal Pictures to create special shows that tie into opening movies.” There have been previous Universal movie tie-ins with Discovery shows, and Discovery’s president of advertising sales said in the release that their “most successful partnerships given our non-fiction programming include customized opportunities that get our client’s close to our content as organically as possible.”

That’s almost as sexy and exciting as Bravo extending its brand right into our lives.

Bear Grylls and Will Ferrell Join Forces… [Discovery press release]