Blagojevich “may play a role” in I’m a Celebrity 2, which announces its cast Friday

NBC will officially announce the cast of I’m a Celebrity 2 on Friday, confirming those who’ve already confirmed they’re on the show and filling in the rest of the 10-person cast.

One celebrity who won’t be going to Costa Rica is former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich, who was denied the ability to go by a judge, although he may still appear on the show or in another series.

Appearing on the Today Show this morning, he said he is going to Los Angeles today because “[t]here may be a possibility to play a role in some capacity on this program. There may be, perhaps, some kind of role that may be available along the lines of this program,” he said.

Blago also said the show “seemed like an exciting opportunity”–particularly because he could make money. “I have two little girls. I have a mortgage to pay. Obviously, I’m looking for a new line of work as I work through the process of proving my innocence,” he said.

His publicist, Glenn Selig, told the Chicago Tribune that he may do another reality show, whether it’s competitive or a docudrama. “People have been calling for months with offers. It hasn’t stopped,” Selig said. “Whatever type of opportunity arises, we will consider. We’re not crossing anything off the list.”

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