Michael Vick and Nadya Suleman both shopping reality series

Michael Vick is talking to producers about a reality series that would follow him once he leaves prison this summer, and octomom Nadya Suleman is also shopping her own series, despite insisting that she’s not.

Vick “has talked to producers about launching an unscripted program” that “would follow Vick starting July 20, the day of his scheduled release from federal custody, and show him trying to ‘make amends for his past,'” according to The Hollywood Reporter. It notes that “producers even visited the suspended Atlanta Falcons quarterback in prison in the hope of signing him” and “a few different parties claiming to have his rights, which is confusing the industry playing field.”

Vick’s attorneys “told a judge this month at a bankruptcy hearing that Vick has agreed to a ‘television documentary deal’ that will pay him $600,000,” the paper says,” and “[i]nsiders place bets on A&E and Spike TV as likely” homes for his show. Previously, Michael Vick’s former fighting dogs were featured in an episode of National Geographic’s DogTown.

Meanwhile, when asked if she was going to do a reality show, octomom Nadya Suleman insisted to Life & Style, “Absolutely not! I have no interest in being famous. I’d love to vanish from the public eye as soon as I can.”

Of course, she appeared on the cover of the magazine in which she said that, so you can’t quite trust her–especially since her attorney Jeffery Czech confirmed to People that he and Suleman “met over the past week with four production companies and are due to meet in the next few days with executives at an undisclosed network.”

He said, “There’s some decisions for her to make over the next few days. I think she’s heard enough. Like anyone else, she wants to be portrayed in a positive light and she feels she needs to do something to get her side out.”

Previously, TLC said it would not produce a show with her, and I joked that her kids would be rented to Jon & Kate Plus 8 instead.

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