Mark Ballas’ erection ignored by Tom Bergeron

This week, Tom Bergeron shielded and fixed Lil’ Kim’s exposed nipple guard. Yes, he jumped in front of her because a small part of her pastie, not a nipple, was showing, as that would have shattered small children’s eyes. But two weeks ago, both Tom and the media totally ignored a much more prominent appearance by a body part: an apparent erection in Mark Ballas’ little red shorts.

For their Lindy Hop, Shawn Johnson and Mark Ballas were dressed in red gym clothes, and Mark was wearing tiny red shorts. After being judged, Tom Bergeron told them to head back for their scores, and as they turn, something’s visible.

B-Side Blog has the screenshot of the boner, which intitially appeared on Fail Blog, and B-Side notes we should “not overlook this blatant erection.”

But it is kind of easy to overlook, as you can see below, and thus Tom Bergeron may be forgiven for not leaping in front of Mark’s shorts. Here’s the video (which starts, thanks to an anonymous tipster, at the right time. Technology!). It’s quick and thus slightly less apparent than in the photo, but definitely makes an appearance.

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