Lil’ Kim’s nipple guard exposure causes panic on Dancing with the Stars

On Dancing with the Stars 8 last night, there was a shocking “nearly x-rated moment,” as the AP called it: the accidental exposure of Lil’ Kim’s nipple guard. Yes, not her breast or her nipple, but something that was covering her nipple, which would obviously damage small children more than having to listen to Samantha Harris’ endless prattle every week. We’re freaking out about this? Really?

Lil’ Kim received the highest score from the judges last night for her jive, and after she finished the dance, a flesh-colored bandage-looking thing was clearly visible on her left breast (see it here at the 3:40, 3:58, and 4:50 mark). And by “clearly visible,” I mean, most people probably missed it, and she quickly adjusted.

Both Bruno and Carrie Ann gave her rave reviews (and later 10s), and she hugged both of them as they praised her. After returning from hugging Carrie Ann, the guard reappeared. Right before Len Goodman gave his old fart critique–he didn’t like the dance because it wasn’t jive-y enough–Tom Bergeron stood in front of Lil’ Kim to guard her not-so-lil’ kims and also adjusted her top.

Backstage, Lil’ Kim told L.A.’s ABC affiliate, “I don’t know why this happens a lot of the time, but the girls were trying to come out.” Hysterically, the reporter who was interviewing her was asking a typical local news softball question about her reaction to the standing ovation, but since he just asked about what happened at the end of her performance, she interpreted that to mean the wardrobe issue.

Us Weekly claims the moment “was edited out by the time the show was rebroadcast on the West Coast,” while a Puritanical prude at the Associated Press called it a “nearly X-rated moment,” which means we can safely assume that writer has never, ever seen pornography.

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