Julianne Hough (again) says she’s leaving Dancing with the Stars

Last November, Julianne Hough said she was leaving Dancing with the Stars to focus on her music. Then she showed up this season. Now she says she’s leaving the show next season to focus on her music.

“I wasn’t planning to come back this season because I wanted to focus on my music. But I went back and it’s been so much fun to dance with my good friend who happens to be my boyfriend,” she told Fox News. Then she added, “I will be taking next season off.”

Speaking of leaving the show, David Alan Grier left Dancing with the Stars 8 last night, despite having improved his score during a dance-off against Lawrence Taylor, who didn’t receive any additional points from the judges. Perhaps the biggest surprise was that Steve O was sent to safety early despite having the lowest judges’ score yet again.

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