David Alan Grier apologizes for saying Carrie Ann Inaba “can eat a dick”

After being eliminated last week, David Alan Grier lashed out at the Dancing with the Stars judges, particularly Carrie Ann Inaba, with whom he used to work on In Living Color.

On the dance floor after the show ended, he said, “There’s several people that can kiss my ass, but she’s definitely the first in line to wrap her lips around my asshole, literally. She can eat a dick. To stand up week after week and be humiliated by people who have no right to talk to me. I am proudest that I didn’t climb across that table and slap the shit out of every one of those judges and that’s my proudest accomplishment,” he told Access Hollywood during an on-camera interview.

While he talked, he kept a straight face and didn’t seem to be joking around, but he also wasn’t angry. His pro partner Kym Johnson seemed shocked, though, and kind of laughed before she tried to cover for him. Talking to Extra later, he repeated the line about being proud about “not slapping the shit out of not one but all three of those motherfuckers.” He also said he hasn’t seen “huger egos fueled by so little talent” and said, “Carrie Ann, her whole bio is four lines.”

Grier appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday night and apologized, saying “language like that is inappropriate and rude” and “there’s no excuse for behavior like that, and I really made a jerk of myself, but god was it fun,” and “I’m very ashamed.” But he also said, “I thought it was funny, but it was only me,” and suggested he didn’t want to apologize, saying, “my manager really said I should apologize to her.” Then he joked about the whole thing with a bit about “simple rules for reality show behavior.”

Today, Carrie Ann told Access, “I was shocked actually. I think for David, it was a little bit of misdirected anger. You’re very vulnerable on this show and I think his sort of burst was a bit outrageous and I think his use of language was completely unnecessary.”

She says David Alan Grier finally e.mailed her and apologized. “I did get an e-mail from him. He asked the producers for my e-mail address so he could e-mail me an apology and he said that things got out of line on the press line and he doesn’t know what came over him. He felt really bad for what he said and [wrote that] he still thought highly of me,” she said. “I can respect anyone who apologizes. I honestly emphasize with these people. It is not easy to get on this show and accept criticisms.”

Meanwhile, Steve-O was eliminated from the competition Tuesday night with no chance to improve his score with the dance-off, because the dance-off was dropped yet again but for no stated reason. It’s starting to seem like they use it when it can have no impact and don’t use when it might; why else would a brand-new part of the competition just appear and reappear? Sketchy. Where’s Woz when we need him to post conspiracy theories about the show on Facebook?

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