Big Brother 11 now casting

If you want to entertain people by having unprotected sex live on the Internet or by being the decent human being who wins after voting people out, Big Brother 11 is now casting.

Mailed in applications are due May 4, and CBS is holding open casting calls across the country. Reality Wanted is also holding a contest that promises that one in 10 users who apply publicly via the site “will have an opportunity to be interviewed by a casting producer.”

The actual application [PDF] asks such questions as “Are there any nude or other revealing or compromising images of you that are available publicly either through the Internet, video or otherwise?”, “Do you have a temper?”, and “Have you ever sought mental health counseling in any form?”

Based upon past seasons’ contestants, the ideal answer to those questions seems to be yes, although the eligibility requirements do say “You must be in excellent physical and mental health”–as if anyone in their right mind would let themselves be locked in the show’s house with other crazy people while being manipulated by its producers.

Big Brother Application [CBS]