Susan Boyle may impact America’s Got Talent

In the two weeks since Britain’s Got Talent auditioner Susan Boyle shocked the world by proving that you can be ugly yet sing amazingly well, she’s become a media sensation, not just in the UK but also in the US. And now she may have an impact on the upcoming fourth season of the US version.

Piers Morgan said that America’s Got Talent 4 may have its own version of Boyle: “There’s one guy that hunts chickens … and he sings like Garth Brooks,” Piers told reporters Friday at a press conference, according to iFMagazine. He also said that her story and fame “will be good for America’s Got Talent.”

Simon Cowell even said that the show should respond directly to Susan’s surprising audition. “I am seriously thinking now that we should hold maybe two more — NBC don’t even know this yet — two more open auditions off the back of Susan Boyle since the awareness is that much higher,” he told reporters, according to Monsters and Critics account of the press conference.

Perhaps Simon isn’t aware, but the show is still casting, holding an open call this weekend in Seattle, and will be in Houston on May 9 and 10. And Variety says that “NBC said there were no plans yet to expand the audition process beyond what’s already planned, but a spokesperson noted that there are still three more auditions yet to be held for the show.”

Back to Susan Boyle, she said she’d never been kissed in her audition intro, but told Extra that “was meant as a joke… I’ve got a wicked sense of humor.” And she’s recently improved her frumpy appearance, getting a £100 makeover that the Daily Mail breaks down with a helpful photo.

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