Cancelled Idol songwriting contest may return

As I first reported Tuesday, the American Idol songwriting contest has been cancelled for this season. That is not “rumored,” but is official: it’s done for this year, but may return.

Why, after two seasons, is not returning this season? An American Idol publicist told me only that, “The contest has been a huge success, but producers are always tweaking the show a bit every year. They may bring the Songwriting contest back again, but chose not to have it part of this year’s season.”

In other words, they won’t say why amateur songwriters won’t be able to submit songs again. Last year, that contest was all but ignored, so they could have held it and ignored it again. And although it generated $10 an entry for Fox and the producers, it’s not like it produced an amazing song. Last season, “Time of My Life” did reach the top 40 (the first coronation song to do so since Kelly Clarkson) and it eventually went platinum (the first coronation song to do that), but its success probably has more to do with David Cook than the song itself.