Judges save Matt Giraud from his not-very-shocking elimination

There was a shocking end to American Idol 8 last night: after overruning Tuesday night and last week, too, the show actually finished on time! Oh, and the judges took advantage of the new judges’ save rule and saved Matt Giraud from elimination. Lil Rounds joined him in the bottom two, while Anoop Desai was third from last, and seemed to be the most upset.

I know Matt has fans and talent, and he definitely deserved to be saved more than Scott MacIntyre, but was this really the shocking elimination the judges’ save was meant to prevent? Matt is no Jennifer Hudson, who coincidentally performed during the results show during which the rule that would have probably saved her was first used.

The good part is we no longer have to endure the fake drama at the end of every elimination as the judges “confer” and Simon ends up pretending to be forced into making the decision. Now if Ryan Seacrest would just stop with his fake-outs, which now just have the effect of annoying the contestants; they don’t believe anything he says and just stand there until he finally has to actually deliver the results.

Anyway, because Matt was saved, next week, two contestants will go home. As Simon Cowell astutely pointed out, that’s actually bad news for the contestants–especially since, as he said, “next week, it’s disco week.” So, we’ll get performances in a genre in which no one will ever record a song, and that may very well result in not one but two strong singers going home, and then American Idol 8 will finally get its really shocking elimination.

Hey, this judges’ save is awesome!