Anoop Desai, Lil Rounds leave American Idol, which reanimated several disco stars

American Idol 8 has five finalists and four weeks left in its run after Lil Rounds and Anoop Desai went home last night.

Lil Rounds, who no longer has to suffer the indignity of having Simon call her “Little,” didn’t even get to sit in one of the loser chairs. Ryan just walked her across the stage and, in one of his oh-so-clever moves, seemed like he might be about to shock everyone and do something other than send her to the bottom three, but instead just said she was eliminated. Anoop ended up in the bottom two with Allison Iraheta, who’s probably in trouble next week along with Matt Giraud, unless Danny really screws up.

Paula Abdul choreographed the finalists and taught them a dance, which they all performed quite well, at least if the goal was to seem as drunk as she has. Actually, the appalling part about it wasn’t the dancing or the lip syncing, but the fact that someone decided to use Comic Sans for the font on the giant screen behind them, which said things like “DANCE!” Ironically, whoever chose that typeface did so on the very same week that The Wall Street Journal reported about how loathed Comic Sans is.

Speaking of bad ideas, let’s just pretend the three disco stars who performed weren’t on the show. And I think David Archuleta may have gotten worse since last year. His oh-so-humble act still irritates the crap out of me, probably because I have no soul.

Meanwhile, Simon Cowell totally smacked Ryan down while Ryan was killing time (though the show finished on time, again!) while whittling down the group. “You’re being facetious. Go back to the contestants,” Simon said, and that shut Ryan up. But the funniest moment of the night came when Seacrest introduced the disco legends, and he looked at Kris Allen and said, “before we were born, obviously.”

Um, what’s with the “we,” dude? You were born more than a decade before Kris, and lived through disco’s prime, while Kris was born well after both Madonna and Fraggle Rock made their debuts.