MTV renews Real World, Challenge for four seasons each

MTV is sticking with what it knows, ordering four more seasons of The Real World and four more seasons of the competition spin-off Challenge series.

At the end of that run, there will be 26 seasons of The Real World and 21 seasons of the Challenge, never mind 14 seasons of the now-cancelled Road Rules. The Real Brooklyn ends tomorrow night, while its 22nd season is currently filming in Cancun. And The Duel II debuts April 8.

That’s despite the fact that, as TV By the Numbers reports, “ratings have languished in the current season.” The March 18 episode was watched by 1.389 million viewers, although it adds viewers during repeated airings, since “the show aired more than a dozen additional times averaging between 184,000 to 811,000 viewers in those airings,” the site says.

Executive producer Jon Murray told The Hollywood Reporter that the cast will once again get a job in Cancun, but perhaps not during season 23. Dropping the job is “something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, and it’s easier to do in a big metropolitan area. The season after Cancun, a location that hasn’t been announced yet, I think might be like that too,” he said.

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