First Apprentice celebrities were paid $25,000

In an excerpt from Piers Morgan’s book God Bless America: Misadventures Of A Big Mouth Brit, which will be released next week, the Celebrity Apprentice winner reveals how much the celebrities were paid, and who gave him the advice that helped him win.

The Daily Mail’s excerpt, at least, is short on details, and its diary format gives just a few paragraphs per day. But Piers writes that after Omarosa said something mean about his kids, “I wondered why am I even in this stupid show? It’s not for the money, because we’re only getting £12,000 each.” That entry is dated Oct. 30, 2007, and back then, &pound12,000 was equivalent to about US$24,691, while when he was invited to appear on the show, in early Sept., the exchange rate made the amount worth about $24,169. Today, that amount is worth about $16,600.

Piers also writes that Sir Alan Sugar, who has the Trump role in the UK Apprentice, suggested that during the finale, Trace Adkins’ overwhelming popularity meant Piers needed to “[c]hallenge Trump on the credibility of the show. Business is about the numbers, not who the nicest bloke is.” That’s essentially what Piers did during the finale, arguing that “on every single business and charity fundraising checklist, I killed everyone.”

Speaking of killing people, Piers also elaborates a bit about his feud with Omarosa and the genesis of her attempt to out him, which began on the second day of filming. He says Omarosa asked him, “Do you want a showmance? A showmance — you know, we get it on together. Happens all the time on Apprentice, everyone has sex together.” Piers said, “You must be joking,” and Omarosa replied, “What are you? Gay?”

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