Melissa rejects second Bachelor reunion; Jason didn’t propose to Molly

The Bachelor 13‘s second After the Final Rose special was as boring as the reunions usually are, and rivaled American Idol for its pointless filler. ABC totally burned the capital it banked after the highly rated three-hour finale and reunion; they never should have tried to milk this for another hour.

By my count, there was 10 minutes of recapping, 5 minutes of five other contestants offering their opinions, which no one cares about; 5 minutes of audience members sharing their feelings, which, again, no one cares about; 3 minutes of recapping the reunion from last night; 5 minutes of actual conversation with Jason; 2 minutes of additional reunion recap; then I got so bored I stopped counting.

Melissa smartly didn’t bother to show up, and Chris Harrison instead read a statement in which she said, “I am doing really well. I don’t regret anything that happened over the past few months because I know wouldn’t be where I am today had none of it happened.”

Speaking of Melissa, Access Hollywood has published e.mail messages [PDF] that Jason and Melissa allegedly exchanged starting the day after the Jan. 18 taping of the first ATFR, and she was considerably angrier then. Jason responds in one by saying, “The producers had a lot to do with it. I am so sorry.”

During the second After the Final Rose, Jason didn’t propose to Molly, although they said they’re very happy and have been spending time together. Jason was less unapologetic than before, saying, “I don’t regret where I’m at at all; I’m really happy,” and said that while “I’m not proud of what I did to her, … I made the right choice for all of us.”

Jason has become increasingly angry over the angry reaction, telling the L.A. Times, “I don’t know if the public expected me to just pretend like I’m in a good happy relationship. I mean, is that what people really wanted to see? Because that was the other option, but never a real option for me. It sucks that everyone thinks I’m dragging Melissa over the coals right in front of everybody because it’s not true.”

During the reunion, Chris Harrison–who was in full-on tool mode, telling Jason “we’re going to get to that” when Jason tried to interject some actual content into the filler–referred to viewers and told Jason, “Understandably, some of them are very upset, very angry with you. They feel angry with you. Do you get that?”

Jason said he understands but no. Just no. That’s CRAZYTALK. HE DID NOT BREAK UP WITH ANYONE BUT MELISSA. Ugh. From a sociological perspective, it’s fascinating how attached people become to people they watch on TV, which explains reality television’s staying power. But that kind of reaction is still nuts.

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