Jeff Probst caught camera operator who had a seizure; Tom Colicchio performed Heimlich on author

For the second time this year, a reality show personality has helped a person having a medical crisis.

Last night at the Academy of Magical Arts Awards (what?), Survivor host Jeff Probst caught and helped a camera operator who had a seizure while filming him. “She fell into my arms, basically. She had a seizure and she didn’t know it. When she came back to she said, ‘I’m fine,’ and she had no idea. Then she had another one,” he told E!’s News’ Kristin’s minion, who reports that after the second seizure, Jeff helped again, “catching her, holding her and lowering her to the ground. A few minutes later, she came to and tried to get up, and Jeff held her head steady and explained that she needed to stay put until the ambulance arrived. He stayed with her until medical personnel arrived at the scene.”

Jeff was humble about it, saying, “I think anybody would react to that. That’s just another person in trouble. Anybody would do that. It’s amazing how quickly you can get into trouble.”

Tom Colicchio, too, is humble about the way he saved a woman’s life, which he discussed during the Top Chef 5 reunion. Last month, Cookbook author Joan Nathan choked at her own party, and Tom performed the Heimlich Maneuver.

Tom told Time magazine, “It all happened so quickly. I was literally three feet from her. I was having a conversation with somebody else. She came in, and I looked to my right and I saw her holding her throat and two people next to her patting her back. And I walked over, put my arms around her and said, ‘Can you talk?’ She said no. I hit her once. I asked her again. She said no. I did it again, chicken came out, and that was it.”

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