Samoa may host Survivor 19

Survivor 19 will be filmed in Samoa, according to several news reports from the region, although those reports claim journalists there are being asked to not report on the production.

Lance Polu wrote a critical editorial on late last month about Samoan journalists being invited to a meeting by government officials, where they were asked to not report on the production of an American television show at a meeting. A production representative “asked that the name of the series be kept out of the media until an official announcement in May. Their logistics team is ariving in Samoa in April and they expect none of their activities to be reported by the local media.”

The piece doesn’t mention Survivor but says it’s a CBS show “filmed in different countries [that] is about individuals being tested for their survival skills in various remote locations,” and said it will be filmed “a short distance from a couple of luxury hotels and Faleolo International Airport which is just three hours from Auckland.”

New Zealand’s Stuff picked up the story recently and said the show “is to be filmed later this year in Samoa but Samoan journalists are being heavily pressured not to reveal this until May,” but the report has since been deleted, but has been reproduced on with the most annoying spoiler markers ever).

Why the secrecy? Talamua’s Lance Polu said Samoa “stands to lose out if there is premature announcement,” as “the company promises 150 local jobs.”

There are also far sketchier rumors online that the series will return to the place that hosted the show’s ninth season, Survivor Vanuatu, or the the 13th season, Survivor Cook Islands, although a Survivor Sucks poster says Cook Islands will be used in the fall for season 20.

At the very least, it seems the show is headed for a return to the South Pacific, perhaps for two back-to-back seasons, as Samoa, Vanuatu, and the Cook Islands are all in the same general region.

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