Todd Herzog and Spencer Duhm are dating

Survivor China winner Todd Herzog and the youngest Survivor cast member ever, Spencer Duhm, are dating.

Todd confirmed the relationship in an e.mail to After Elton, saying he met the Survivor Tocantins cast member “about a month before his season began” last fall and said, “I was attracted to him the moment I saw him, mainly because he’s got this confidence that pours out of him and a piercing stare that you can’t help but notice so I went ‘fishing’!”

During our conversation in Brazil, which happened after they initially met, Spencer talked about Todd and praised his game play but dissed him when he was talking about not wanting to appear like previous gay cast members (“I won’t be Todd”).

Although Todd told After Elton that they are “doing the ‘take it slow’ thing which I find to be really nice,” he also said “we are planning a huge trip this summer.” Spencer is spending spring break with Todd: “he’s coming to stay with me all next week, and I with him next month,” Todd said, and it’s UF’s spring break this week.

The reality TV world is ridiculously incestuous so Todd and Spencer are are far from the first Survivor couple–there’s Ethan and Jenna, Rob and Amber–and Jeff Probst also dated a cast member, Julie Berry. Nor are they the first gay couple, as Brad and JP dated during Cook Islands. The CBS show has a much better track record with creating lasting relationships, though, so it’s a safe bet they’ll last a lot longer than Jason and Molly.

“Survivor: China” winner Todd Herzog dating “Survivor: Tocantin”‘s Spencer Duhm [After Elton]