Survivor will become an interactive stage show at three amusement parks

Three years ago, Survivor became a roller coaster at Paramount’s Great America. Now, the series is being adapted into an interactive stage show at three smaller amusement parks.

Variety reports that executive producer “Mark Burnett was consulted but was not actively involved in setting up the stage show,” which “will use clips from the TV series — as well as actors portraying previous contestants — and divide the audience into four ‘tribes.’ Volunteers from the crowd will go through a series of four challenges, leading eventually to a sole winner.” The paper reports that the new stage show will only “run until the end of the summer” after “debut[ing] May 2 at Denver’s Elitch Gardens and Oklahoma City’s Frontier City. A third show will open May 23 at the Darien Lake Theme Park Resort in Darien Center, N.Y.”

This actually sounds a lot like the Fear Factor interactive stage show at the two Universal Studios parks; the L.A. one has closed and the Florida one is temporarily closed due to low attendance at the park. Using actors, though, sounds ridiculous, as does trying to replicate Survivor in 30 minutes.

It’s the brainchild of CBS’ Consumer Products division, which recently announced the creation of Amazing Race-themed gum, which should give you an idea about how creative they are. The division’s VP and GM Liz Kalodner told Variety that “Audience involvement is key to the success of ‘Survivor,’ and we’ve been looking to make that tangible and real. It took us a little time to create something that replicated the essence of the show.”

This is far from the first reality show adapted into a theme park attraction. Besides the coaster–which mostly just uses Survivor as an excuse to give the ride a theme, as you can see in this video–and Fear Factor Live, Disney recently opened its American Idol into faithfully adapted and impressive American Idol Experience at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

As an attraction, that makes a lot more sense–in the same way that The Simpsons translation into an awesome simulator ride at Universal totally works–but that’s because Idol already is a stage show.

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