Kenley Collins arrested for assault, throwing cat; calls fight with fiance “a miscommunication”

Highly annoying Project Runway 5 finalist Kenley Collins was arrested today for assaulting her fiance, including by hitting him with a cat.

Kenley was charged with two counts of assault, criminal possession of a weapon and harassment,” according to People. That was for “throwing the feline, a laptop computer, and three apples at Zak Penley,” The New York Post reports. She reportedly “woke Penley up just after 7 a.m. by hurling their cat in his face. Then she threw her laptop, and as he fell crawled on the floor, slammed a door on his head. She threw three apples, and doused him with water, before he was able to dial 911.”

Kenley told the paper that the fight “was a miscommunication. Fights happen, And that’s that. There is no case.” However, her neighbor, Ken Edge, said, “Lately there has been a lot of yelling. I can hear Kenley much louder than I can hear Zak. When she speaks, she yells. Since she moved in around September there have been a lot of noise problems.”

In fairness to Kenley, astronauts on the space station can hear her when she whispers, so unless she’s in a room with someone who has a megaphone for a head, she’s going to be louder than they are.

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