Polish So You Think You can Dance contestant falls off stage

A contestant on Poland’s version of So You Think You Can Dance got so excited that the judges put her through to the next round that she ran directly off the front of the stage. (It’s not, as the video clip suggests, Russia’s version of Idol; see the correction below.)

Reality show contestants are often most amusing when they fall down–Michelle’s spectacular fall on Survivor Fiji is one of that show’s greatest moments–and this is ridiculously funny, at least until the crowd reacts and becomes immediately silent, and people rush to her side, as it’s apparent she injured herself. But the way she just runs full-speed off the stage and disappears is pretty amazing.

The video is finding its way online now, but I’m not sure when it aired, or what exactly is happening or how she’s doing now. But even though there’s an audience, it seems like this is during the auditions, since the contestant is wearing an number and gets excited about receiving a ticket.

Correct: An earlier version of this story identified the show as Narodniy Artist, Russia’s version of Idol, but Reality-TV.pl informed me that it’s actually Poland’s So You Think You can Dance, and sent a video of the full audition and photographic evidence. The contestant’s name is Anna Kasprzak; the full segment is below the clip.

Anna Kasprzak You Can Dance – YCD [YouTube]