Prostitution, schizophrenia, showmance lesbianism accusations fly on High School Reunion 5

Before High School Reunion 5 debuted last month, executive produce Mike Fleiss said the show had “one of the biggest bombs ever dropped on a reality show,” and that bomb exploded last night when Jessica accused Maricela of being a prostitute–and that was just the beginning of the accusations between the two.

Below is uncut footage of the confrontation, during which Jessica, the former “ugly duckling” who went on to become a stripper, accused “outcast” Maricela of being a prostitute.

That came after Jessica told Maricela, “When we talk about sex, you get up and walk away from me. … Every time I talk about sex you get up and act like you’re Mother Theresa.” Maricela replied, “Girl, I have no problem with it,” and that’s when Jessica calls her “fake” and says “stop acting like Mother Theresa when you’re a fucking hooker in real life. She is, she’s a prostitute.”

Maricela saw Jessica’s sex-for-money accusation and raised her mental illness, saying, “She’s bipolar. You know you were diagnosed with schizophrenia. You were in high school, Jessica.” Jessica called that “bullshit” and suggests looking at “the web site,” as if there’s a web site that proves Maricela strips.

“Why are you being fake? Be yourself. You suck dick for a living. And you’re putting me down for being a stripper,” Jessica said, adding that Maricela “fought with me because I suggested she’d be a stripper like I was in order” to escape prostitution.

Then Maricela countered with an accusation that Jessica “wanted me to make out on TV. You wanted me to come in here and do girly stuff for ratings,” and Jessica calls the lesbian showmance claim “bullshit,” and said, “You should get into porn; you’d get more than $150 an hour.”

Here’s the extended, uncut scene, although language is bleeped: