Alexis Grace not saved by viewers, judges

After teasing Alexis Grace by suggesting they were going to save her, the American Idol judges sent her home instead. After viewers voted on the country music performances, she landed in the bottom three with Allison Iraheta, who was sent to safety first, and Michael Sarver, who made it to the finals with her during the first semi-final week.

When just Alexis and Michael remained, Simon Cowell said, “We’ve just had a conversation — one of them we would consider saving. After Alexis was revealed to have the fewest number of votes, Simon said, “You were the one we were thinking about saving, so it’s all going to come down to this performance, Alexis.”

That certainly warmed Michael Sarver’s heart to know that the judges wouldn’t save him, but Alexis received the real snub, because after she sang, Simon said the judges are “unanimous” that “it was good, but it wasn’t good enough,” so she went home and didn’t even make the top 10 and thus the tour. In other words, the judges’ save seems to pretty much just be another way to torture the contestants.

Also last night, to help waste time, there was also behind-the-scenes footage of rehearsals, where several finalists were wearing masks to keep from getting Megan’s flu–or perhaps to show Michael Jackson that he’d be among friends if he showed up. We also learned that because of a presidential address, Motown week will be pushed to Wednesday and Thursday next week.

Carrie Underwood performed, and her duet with Randy Travis was okay but nothing like her duet with David Cook at Walt Disney World last month. However, her appearance may have solved one mystery: Sunday, a bat clung to the side of the space shuttle as it took off. While NASA thinks it died, I think it found a home in Carrie Underwood’s hair.