TLC cancels Trading Spaces while Paige Davis will host new Dummies series

Trading Spaces, one of the earliest breakout cable reality TV shows, one that inspired an entire sub-genre, has been officially cancelled by its network after attempting to reboot it a year ago.

Paige Davis revealed the cancellation on Connecticut’s NBC 30 on Friday, and TLC told the news station, “We’re not currently moving forward with producing new episodes of the show.”

TLC’s president Eileen O’Neill later said in a statement to Reality TV World that the show was done: “TLC has ended production of Trading Spaces with its eighth season. Trading Spaces helped put TLC ‘on the map’ as a breakout hit that brought new highs to cable viewership. The show and its talent became household names and we’ll always celebrate that success.”

About a year ago, the network brought the show back for a ninth season, but with new producers (longtime producers Banyan Productions were replaced by A. Smith and Co.) and the return of host Paige Davis, who’d been fired in 2005. That worked, at least at first, the show returned to its 2005 ratings levels, although those weren’t exactly spectacular.

Paige is moving on to host a series called Life for Dummies; it’s based on the Dummies books and will probably be syndicated. It’ll be produced by A. Smith and Co., as TV Week reports.

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