Kate rips Jon for failing to use a coupon, offers advice to octuplets’ mother

TLC’s intensely, fascinatingly disturbing show Jon & Kate Plus Eight reached a new level Monday night, when Kate threatened to shoot her husband after he failed to use a coupon.

The show has been criticized for Jon and Kate’s behavior toward one another, and now, Entertainment Weekly’s Ken Tucker says Kate “was just too much” on Monday night’s episode. Although Tucker writes that he “[doesn’t] really want to contribute to the Kate-hate, which is often way over-the-top,” he took issue with Kate’s reaction after Jon “bought a new shower nozzle” but “didn’t use a coupon when he went to the store.”

That led Kate to tell the cameras “I’m gonna shoot him!” and tell her husband “You’re not buying anything anymore! … This is annoying; beyond annoying! … Where’s the receipt? … What is the rule about receipts? … You’re gonna go back to the store this afternoon!”

Elsewhere, in her non-reality TV show life, Kate has recently been appearing on TV and in the media to talk about the octuplets, because who knows more about how to monetize children?

She appeared on Larry King Live, and responding to Larry’s question about whether their kids are “our business,” Kate said, “obviously, we put them out there. And, you know, our goal in our show is to show the real life of what it is like to have two sets of multiples. And basically, essentially, we’ve made it your business.”

When Larry pointed out that the father of the octuplets isn’t involved, Kate said, “That worries me a lot.” Yes, because who will there be to yell at besides the camera crew? But Kate did not respond when Larry asked, “Apparently, Lisa, the woman wants to sell her story, we learned, to media outlets for money to raise her family. What do you make of that?”

Kate also gave unsolicited advice to the octuplets’ mother in People (where else!), but surprisingly, her eight points of advice do not include how to turn your kids’ lives into entertainment, or using the fame that comes from your reality show to get your name in People magazine and other media.

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