Biggest Loser gains viewers even against Idol

In its newly expanded two-hour form, The Biggest Loser 7 is gaining viewers against American Idol, which is losing viewers although is still far more popular.

Last Tuesday, the NBC weight loss competition had 11 million viewers, “its best viewership for a non-finale, non-premiere episode in four years despite airing against ‘Idol’ in its first hour,” Media Life reports. It also had a similar record–“its best non-finale, non-premiere rating in more than a year”–among viewers 18 to 49. And that’s a few weeks after Bob went on a crazy, profane scream-fest.

Over three weeks, The Biggest Loser “is actually up 15 percent in 18-49s compared to the same period last year … and has improved 23 percent among total viewers, from 8.2 million to 10 million,” while Fox’s singing competition has lost viewers.

Of course, it has significantly more viewers, well over 10 million a night, so it can afford the weight loss.

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