Blogger teases “shocking” Bachelor finale, Deanna says her appearance is “worth the wait”

A blogger is teasing a “shocking” finale for The Bachelor 13, which is coming to an end next month (the finale airs March 2), just as DeAnnna Pappas is teasing her upcoming appearance.

At the end of January, Reality Steve wrote that he had “exclusive Bachelor news,” and apparently referenced the possible spoiler in ABC’s trailer when he wrote, “DO NOT believe everything you see or read. You’re gonna have to think on this one. So when the finale airs, and your jaw hits the floor, just remember Reality Steve warned you ahead of time.”

ABC is known for its relentless, ridiculous teasing of absolutely nothing on The Bachelor, but Steve denies this is connected to the network or publicizing the show. “I have gotten information regarding this seasons finale that will definitely have everyone talking. This isn’t a publicity stunt, I’m not getting paid, and this is not something minor. I’d rank it equally as shocking, if not more shocking, than the Brad Womack finale. I truly think it’s that big,” he wrote last week. (Brad rejected both women, a Bachelor first, although that wasn’t as shocking as, say, an alien bursting out of Chris Harrison’s chest would have been.)

Instead of just actually revealing that information, he says he’s instead “decided to take a different route. And that route is inspired by Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, co-executive producers of ‘Lost.'” I wish that was a joke but it’s not, because there’s never been a show that’s so pointlessly wrapped itself in mystery. (I digress, even though I know my arguments and bitching about Lost have inspired strong opinion.)

Anyway, inspired by the ABC drama, Steve is posting weekly “clues.” For example, after Monday’s episode, he revealed the following clues: “‘2/3’ (this one actually has two different meanings that I will eventually explain) ‘Montreal'”; the first clue was “K Moon/Rebecca.” Ultimately, though, he’s spent many, many more words discussing what he won’t discuss.

Meanwhile, DeAnna Pappas, who dumped Jason on her season of the show and later broke up with Jesse, is teasing her upcoming appearance. She told People that why she returns is “[t]he burning question. Unfortunately everyone will just have to watch and see what I am doing there. It will be worth the wait. The women were not that happy to see me, I can tell you that.”

When asked whether she regrets not choosing Jason–she refers to a “mistake” in ABC’s trailer–DeAnna said, “I have no idea what you are talking about [said sheepishly].”

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