Bachelor 13’s shocking, “fabricated” ending revealed, won’t happen until the reunion

Two bloggers have released what they say will happen on The Bachelor 13‘s finale, citing a tabloid’s impending publication of the story, and both are in agreement about the shocking finale, although one claims ABC essentially constructed the ending. (Stop reading now if you don’t want to have the ending–or your fantasies about true reality show love–wrecked in advance.)

Most interestingly, the pre-season spoiler in the show’s teaser trailer is correct–but that’s not the conclusion. Instead, the actual drama comes during the reunion, when Jason will dump Melissa and pick Molly instead, which surprises Melissa, because she spent the time between the show and taping the reunion Jan. 18 dating Jason. That explains ABC’s need to schedule a second reunion for the next evening to deal with the fallout from the first reunion, and also fits with its executive producer’s revelations about the finale.

Reality Steve, who began teasing readers about the conclusion, wrote in his revelation of this season’s ending that “ABC knew exactly what they were doing when they released the hand with the freckles and the pinky ring,” because “Jason ends his engagement with Melissa, and begins a relationship with Molly” during the reunion.”

Steve claims that ABC “fabricated” the ending and “concocted a storyline” as a ratings ploy, and “[has] been led to believe that this season was NEVER, EVER about Melissa. Its always been about Molly.” He also writes that he “had a hard time believing Jason would go along with this scenario, BUT EVERYTHING I’VE BEEN LED TO BELIEVE, says he has. Do I know for a fact? No. But I think its pretty clear what’s going on here.”

Steve announced Monday that he’d reveal the surprise after all, promising a YouTube video would be posted at 8 a.m. CT Tuesday morning. Three videos totally over 30 minutes went online today instead. In the meantime, a blogger named Aletheia (Greek for “truth”) created a brand-new blog called Bachelor News on Tuesday (read: sketchy) to post a version of the same story Tuesday evening–in other words, got their first.

That blog’s version: “when the ‘after the rose ceremony’ comes along, Jason follows Deanna’s advice and goes with his heart…..and his heart was with Molly. The drama this causes is obvious….Melissa is left hanging out to dry during the ‘after the rose show’, as Jason tells her he cannot go on with her.”

“Alethia” did not mention anything about a conspiracy, but has since deleted that post (sketchier), writing today, “I’ve deleted that post due to the fact that I’ve just received information from my source with further news that I will not yet release until we can receive a confirmation that the information is 100% accurate.”

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