J.D. Fortune fired from INXS, is homeless

The man selected by INXS to be their new lead singer on CBS’ Rock Star: INXS has been fired by the group and is now homeless.

In the fall of 2005, JD Fortune won the show, but has now been fired in Hong Kong’s airport by the band. “I found myself really alone because I had travelled with these guys for 23 months,” he told Entertainment Tonight Canada. There’s no mention of when exactly that happened.

Reuters reports that his bandmates let him go “without saying exactly when he was sacked,” and while Fortune “acknowledged that he had been taking drugs including cocaine while with the band … said he had been drug free for two years.”

He is living in his car because, as Reuters says, he “spent all his remaining money on a solo album.” That album is called The Death of a Motivational Speaker, and it has its own web site.

Entertainment Tonight Canada says that on its show tonight, JD will “[address] his critics who say he’s milking his ‘riches to rags’ story for publicity.”

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