Designers won’t present their own collections at Project Runway 6’s Fashion Week show

Project Runway contestants often make a big deal out of it’s their dream to present a collection at Fashion Week, and those who were unlucky enough to have been cast on the sixth season of the show will only get a bastardized version of that dream.

While models wearing their clothes will walk down the runway on Friday morning at 9 a.m. (at a show with increased security), the designers will not be appearing with them. Tim Gunn told New York Magazine that “the designers whose collections are presented will not be presenting their collections THEMSELVES, because then everyone would know who they are. So you’ll see collections from extremely talented people, but you won’t be able to place the designer with the collection.”

Even if they were to walk the runway with their collections, Tim says they’re not well-known at all. “Let me put it this way: We could put all the designers in front of you in a room. You wouldn’t know who they are.” However, he says they’re talented. When the interviewer said that “last year’s quality was disappointing,” Tim agrees that last season sucked by responding with a double-negative: “I wouldn’t disagree. This year is really good,” he said.

Because he’s Tim Gunn, he admits that this is all very weird and no one may care. “I’m not sure anyone WILL be excited!” he said. And for the record, he doesn’t have any idea what the outcome of the NBC/Lifetime legal wrangling will be. “No clue. I’m confident it will air. But we don’t know when. Or where,” he said.

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