Project Runway 6’s Fashion Week finale show will have “tighter security than usual”

Although not a single episode of Project Runway 6 has aired, despite Heidi Klum’s optimism, the show will hold its finale at Fashion Week next Friday. However, producers are going to new lengths to prevent information from leaking about the cast that no one knows yet.

“We’ll pre-shoot the intros and we’re going to have the designers whose collections they are backstage, and some of our other cast members will be there, too. And anyone back there will have signed non-disclosure agreements and there will be tighter security than usual,” executive producer Jane Cha told the New York Daily News.

She said they didn’t want to delay the finale to be fair to the contestants. “Given the circumstances, we’re trying to do right by the designers. We always told them, as they applied, that they’d get to show during New York Fashion Week, and even though the circumstances are different, that’s what we’re giving them,” she said.

There’s some implicit good news in all of this: Even though Lifetime chose Bunim-Murray to produce the show, Project Runway has retained Cha, who executive produced the show at Bravo.

Meanwhile, Blogging Project Runway’s Patrick Cullen insists the site will keep up its cheerleading of the show and not actually report news about the finale. He told the paper that if the finalists’ identities were discovered, “We would absolutely not write about it. We’ve always allowed for speculation, but we hope there’s some fun there for the fans and that we don’t figure out the finalists too soon.”

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