New shows will focus on MC Hammer, sex addicts, Hot Girls in Scary Places

MC Hammer and hot girls getting scared are among those people who will star in recently announced reality series.

A&E will air a docudrama about MC Hammer that’s called–what else?–Hammertime. Eleven half-hour episodes are being produced by 3 Ball Productions and will air later this year, following his life “with Stephanie, his wife and confidant of more than 23 years, and their family of seven ranging in age from 3-21,” according to A&E. The network’s senior vice president for reality programming, Robert Sharenow, says in the press release that the show will “resonate with our viewers and underscore the essence of our brand.” That’s what always makes great reality series: brand resonance.

Bravo may soon air a real-life version of Gossip Girl, as the network “is in production on a reality series about New York City private-school kids that is slated to premiere later this year,” Broadcasting & Cable reports. The series is being produced by Stone & Company “will not feature any of Manhattan’s exclusive schools specifically,” but “fits with the network’s roster of docudramas about moneyed characters,” according to the paper, which means the kids will be rich and probably obnoxious.

McG will produce a CBS “reality show where contestants drive cars through a perilous obstacle course” called Thunder Road, according to The Hollywood Reporter, which says its pilot featured “two teams risk[ing] demolition while driving a course stocked with challenging obstacles.”

E! will get into the paranormal genre with Hot Girls in Scary Places, a show that doesn’t need any explanation beyond its title. On the pilot/special that will air Friday, March 13, three University of Southern California cheerleaders will compete for $10,000. “They’re totally scared, and totally believe experiences they’re going through. They’ll get scared and then be talking about a sorority party coming up. It’s a little bit ‘Scooby Doo’-ish,” executive producer Gary Auerbach told the Hollywood Reporter. His comments suggest the scary stuff will be faked, but that’s probably not going to be the primary draw for the series.

Finally, VH1 will continue its focus on rehab with a show about sex addiction, but there are few details in The New York Daily News’ report, which sinply says “they will launch a reality show about sex addiction” but may not “be able to get high-profile stars to come forward” to star in it.

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