Jerry Springer “would like to do ‘Talent’ again one day”

Jerry Springer quit as host of America’s Got Talent 4 after hosting for two seasons, but he says he’d like to return. He left to appear on stage in a London production of “Chicago” as Billy Flynn.

“I would like to do ‘Talent’ again one day. I love the show and want to stay associated with it. Maybe one day I’ll host [‘Talent’] again,” he said, “but right now I’m grabbing this opportunity. I’m trying to have as many life experiences as possible,” he told the New York Post.

Jerry Springer has been replaced by new host Nick Cannon, and Springer said, “NBC was very nice to me and they were totally OK with [my leaving]. The truth is, they probably want someone who’s younger and better-looking than me anyway — and that’s not hard to find, honestly.”

Jerry: ‘Why I Left NBC’ [New York Post]