Sharon Osbourne says post-Osbournes shows are “really crap”; family returns to TV on Fox

The Osbournes, who created the celebrity reality subgenre with their 2002 MTV docudrama reality series The Osbournes, will be back on TV with a variety show on Fox. It’s called: Osbournes: Reloaded, and it features a combination of live studio segments with audience participation, scripted skits, and unscripted clips, like when the Osbournes visit people named Osbourne around the country.

Appearing in front of TV critics yesterday to discuss the new series, all four ended up discussing their original MTV series, which Sharon said “[was] absolutely the best. Everything that’s come since is really crap.”

She said that’s because it was completely unscripted, unlike some other pseudo-reality shows now on the air. “Hand on heart, it’s like Ozzy was asked this question of who wrote your scripts, and his classic line is ‘God,'” Sharon said. “That’s why ours was the best.” And Kelly said, “There was nothing scripted.”

Ozzy, who couldn’t hear critics’ questions, agreed, saying “it’s a lot of work to go into this [new Fox] show that we’re doing. I mean, ‘The Osbournes’ was just me being me in my house with my family.”

Sharon said the first series “was an amazing ride, an incredible ride that we all learned so much from. And if we hadn’t have done that, we wouldn’t be here today doing this. And as far as all the other reality shows go, I feel kind of, like, proud that we were the first.” Ozzy said, “People say, ‘Why did you choose this? Why did you do another reality series?’ Well, we’ve done that. We started that, so we have another go at something else.”

Perhaps the best response came from Jack. After a critic cited celebreality shows and asked, “Is there a part of you that almost wishes that [The Osbournes] hadn’t happened?” Jack said, “Yes.”