Trump, producers say “depression” affected Celebrity Apprentice 2

The bad economy has affected even NBC reality competition The Celebrity Apprentice 2, which taped in the fall but airs starting in March.

“We are in a depression — not a recession — and people don’t like to think of ‘The Apprentice’ as a business show, but it is. You can’t do a show that relates so strongly to business without mentioning the state of the economy, which is terrible,” Trump told the New York Post. (Is he saying that “the state of the economy” is terrible, or that being forced to mention it on his reality show is terrible? Kind of hard to tell.)

Executive producer Eden Gaha told the paper that “[t]he belt-tightening that we’re seeing today was just beginning. I daresay that it would be even tougher now than it was in October, when we shot it. But, certainly, we were feeling the effects. They had to work twice as hard,” he said.

Gaha added that rich celebrities weren’t as willing to give money. “Many of the contestants came with a game plan and a Rolodex full of people they could call for help raising money. But what you’ll see is that, in some of these cases, people wouldn’t or couldn’t come through for them,” he said.

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